Traditional Divorce


A litigated divorce is a court based traditional divorce process.  In this process, the parties present information so that the court can make decisions related to child support, parenting issues, property division, alimony and division of debt.  This process uses an adversarial court system which focuses on conflict which often results in hostility between the parties.

The New Hampshire Family Court encourages parties to work together, often with professional help, to craft their own parenting plans and divorce decrees when possible.  When this is not possible, the parties may need the intervention of the court to make these decisions.

Litigated divorce is sometimes required when parties are not able to resolve family issues.  In that instance, you will need an effective and respected attorney who is experienced in litigation and trial work.  Attorney Aaby has more than thirty years of litigation experience and has successfully represented many clients in all aspects of litigated divorce.  While success cannot be guaranteed, you can be assured that you will receive advise based on extensive experience in the family court system and litigation skills in all areas of family law.



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